that’s all we do

We studied a lot at universities and did very well listened to teachers in mathematics and physics lessons and in general we like wires and all kind of electronic thingumabob.


TV maunt bracket (swift, slim, ceiling...) on the wall for your TV also we can install sounds system

SETUP Your TV for you convenience

Setup order of channels or selection of connected devices like Apple TV, Amazon TV, Google TV or other


Satellite dishes for you favorite chanels. We work with Dish Network and DirecTV


Your TV on internet or other device or combining all remote control panels in one even if you don’t have it


Cable inside the wall for TV including ethernet or HDMI socket


SELLING TV mount bracket,TV,Sound system and other electronic device(Somy, Samsung, SONOS, Morantz, Polc Audio, Denon etc...)

The best producers

We take care of what we do that would work without stopping. Therefore, we buy the best equipment for you. That you enjoyed the quality.

The best tools

We work with DEwalt and Klein tools companies that produce the best tools in our opinion. We attend all the exhibitions to be aware of all the novelties in the tools to do their job quickly and efficiently.

The best workers

Our team consists of experienced professionals who have experience in telecommunications, server rooms and Internet systems, security systems and even in space engineering.

Great Experiences
Installation and Setup

What else

Why Choose Us

Professional approach

We know what's inside your wall. We studied this for a long time.

24/7 live chat

You will always receive answers to your questions.

Best equipment

In our work we use Hi quality equipment so that you can enjoy quality.

Warranty for work

After work, you get 2 months warranty for our work. Also if you purchase the Equipment through our company you get a guarantee of 1 to 3 years depending on the manufacturer.

Digital Chain Group implements the entire range of works in various areas of digital technology for your home

Home Theatre

We install cameras inside and outside the house. We work with commercial buildings and the private sector. We implement any solutions for your safety. wireless and LTE cameras we install too, but we always say that the most reliable cameras work only by cable. Contact us we will find a solution for you. Your security camera can helps the police solve crimes. You can do the real time monitoring your home and everething.

Light system

We apply modern solutions for Light management in your home. We replace standard switches with smart switches. after that you will simply forget where your switch is located and how you could have lived as if in the Stone Age. We work only with proven brands with which you will never have any problems. Do not forget that light management also saves your electricity bills. Lurton

Video cameras

Installation surround systems 5.1 and 7.1. We install speakers and subwoofers in the ceiling and on the walls. We can hide the wires so you do not see them or leave them beautifully packed in a bundle. The sound distribution system (ampliferer) can be installed anywhere in your home. Distribution of sound by zones such as Patio, bedroom, living room and any other. Playing your favorite music from the place where you left off. SONOS, Marantz, Boss, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Chromecast audio.

Satellite tv

We work with Dish TV and Direct TV. To view your favorite TV shows, we are ready to install you satellite TV with advanced equipment. Direct TV and Dish TV is an excellent solution for accessing TV viewing at a higher quality and higher level than traditional broadcast and cable TV. For these reasons, the company continues to offer its services and expand its product line to offer more channels, more unique products, and video streaming services.

Cables and Ethernet

Are you build a house, Are you do repairs in an apartment? do not forget about laying wires for the Internet, cameras, TV, music and more... this will save your money in the future. Cable routing under low-current systems. installation of server rooms and storage systems. Cabling for offices and private houses. It is very common to forget that after building a house you want to listen to music and watch TV. Pre-made work can cost you 50% less than after construction.

Smart Home

Smart home is now a concept of modernity. This is the house that will recognize you when you arrive, which is safe around the perimeter. It's a house where music plays everywhere and light flows wherever you are. This is the house that meets and accompanies you as a member of your family. Modern technologies will make your world better - trust us and we will bring a bit of Technical magic into your life and make you the house of your dreams. It would be better if you contact us during the construction phase and then we can avoid big expenses.

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